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Do you want relief from migraines?

Do you suffer from Migraines? I find that those who do, often have the primary causative factor being digestive problems. Either the gall bladder and liver are congested or there is leaky gut syndrome. Sometimes there exists both. Migraines symptoms can also be attributed to meridian imbalances, structural issues, stress and more, but I find these basic biochemical issues need to be addressed as a first step.

So you have to figure out which one or both, you have. Leaky gut stems from wear and tear on our digestive systems, from aging, food allergies and sensitivities, and chemical toxins in our food like glyphosate or prescription medicines such as antihistamines..

Gall bladder and liver congestion can be an inherited weakness and/or can be exacerbated from too many fat soluble toxins in the system not being processed efficiently. This can also be made worse by drugs, alcohol consumption and prescription medicines such as birth control pills.

In either case watching your diet, detoxification and rebuilding is key.

For leaky gut we recommend an elimination diet and then healing the gut lining.

The first dietary culprits to remove are wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol, tree nuts, shell fish, corn, soy and all processed foods. The two preferred styles of eating are either organic meats, vegies and a few low sugar fruits… or plant based: whole grains, legumes, vegies, maybe fish, everything fresh and local. You can sometimes mix and match these styles depending. Do this for 8 weeks and see how you feel. After calming down some of the inflammation in the gut we recommend supplements to heal the digestive system such as L-Glutamine, colostrum and others. This can often help migraines disappear.

For congested liver and gall bladder we recommend a plant based diet which is low in fats and high in bitter herbs and vegies. So a vegetarian- vegan style diet is best. Sometimes white meat fishes and small fishes such as sardines can be included. Reducing fat and fat soluble toxins is the key. So staying away from too many oils, avocadoes and nuts is important as well as reducing chemicals and toxins in your food and environment.

Added to this liver gall bladder congestion protocol is something called the low tyramine diet.

Have you heard of the low Tyramine Diet? One of my clients brought this list in to me. It was given to her by one of the emergency room staff she was being treated by for migraines. After suffering from migraines for 40 years she tried this diet and her migraines were gone in one week.

It is similar to Chinese Medicine’s recommendations for staying away from things that can cause damp heat inflammation. Generally it recommends staying away from aged and fermented foods, processed meats, additives and chemicals and fatty foods. I find that staying away from these foods helps the gall bladder process fats, phlegm and mucous more efficiently, leading to less stagnation and reduced migraines.

Here’s the list to stay away from:

Fermented and smoked meats: such as pepperoni, salami, bacon, sausage, foie gras, picked herring,

Fermented vegies like: pickles, miso, saurkraut, soy sauce, yeasty foods like Marmite, liquid aminos

Chemicals like: aspartame, sulfites, sulfates, MSG, nitrites and nitrates

Fatty foods like chocolate, bananas, nut butters,

Dairy food especially aged cheeses, avocadoes



Acupuncture can do a lot in terms of relieving the underlying meridian stagnation. It can help chiropractic adjustments go easier and last longer. It can help the body adjust it’s own misalignments by balancing the underlying energies. It helps massage do the same. Keeping the energies balanced helps massage effects last longer. Acupuncture rewires your system and upgrades all the circuits for optimal functioning, turning on all of your lights again.

I have had great success treating migraines with acupuncture as well as herbs and dietary changes. No need to suffer these terrible pains, get rid of your migraines with acupuncture herbs and diet!

Call today to evaluate which pattern is creating your migraines and what treatment strategies you need. Feel better today! Call today!

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