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Relief for sciatic pain!

In the winter I don't walk as much as I should or could. I have had two bouts of sciatic pain recently. I healed the first one around the holidays with the Dolphin Neuro-stim and stretching. It was the holidays. Everyone's acupuncture practices were closed. My chiropractor's office was closed. It's challenging and awkward to give myself acupuncture on my lower back, so I used the Neuro-stim instead. It worked. It stopped the pain and kept the back pain away for about a month. The second I healed with sitting up straight (to take the pressure off the nerve) and walking. I walked everyday for 8 days for 45 minutes or more. I was on the beach in the sun swimming too. My chiropractor says that some nerves get weak, others get tight and compressed when we let our muscles atrophy due to lack of exercise. So I will need to find the will to get up and out into the winter weather to keep walking. I actually love being outside. It feels really energizing. The initial feeling of cold keeps me from venturing out more. BUT if I want to keep pain free I am going to have to get outside more, walk and move! If you have sciatic pain. Walking, stretching, acupuncture, Dolphin Neuro-Stim, chiropractic can really help. Call today!

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