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Mid winter blahs..?...Feel better today!

Seasonal Affective Disorder????....... Try color therapy!

I recently returned from a midwinter trip to Mexico. The first noticeable changes in the environment when landing there were the heat, the light and the color.

The heat was dramatic on the body. I had to shed what felt like pounds of clothing. The power of the light coming in from outside the airport was like turning up the dial on a radio from soft to loud but the impact of the color on my whole being was dramatic.

I realized that not only do we in the North suffer from lack of light in the winter, we also suffer from lack of color. Did you know that your cells have color receptors that support many enzyme, hormone and neurotransmitter functions in your body? Amazingly there are certain cells in the limbic system of the brain that connect color with mood!

No wonder people get depressed in the winter with S.A.D.? We are missing not only light, we are missing color! The North East’s country winter landscapes are subtly beautiful with the Earth wearing cool hues of brown, grey, moss green and white. The skies can sometimes be brilliant blue, but on the East Coast they are mostly grey.

Entering a world of bright color I felt the childlike wonder of Dorothy walking from black and white Kansas in to the rainbow world in the land of OZ. Everything was more beautiful, brilliant and more energized. Suddenly I felt more alive. Unaware that my whole body mind emotion had atrophied due to a lack of color, suddenly I felt refreshed, nourished, excited and alive again!

While we can’t all go the colorful tropics all winter, we can seek relief from the midwinter blahs with some color and light therapy. Luckily I have some skills and remedies for the lack luster blues of winter mood disorder. I use color therapy to help shift people’s mood. It is part of my emotional balancing therapy that works quickly to ease the pain of the emotional traffic jams. We can have those at any time of year. I use lasers to bring strong coherent light into your body too. This energizes and changes the brain, allowing new connections in the neuro-plastic pathways from the painful emotions to more peaceful ones. It’s not magic. There is science behind it. Emotional balancing is a gentle way to clear the body mind of emotional clutter.

So if you are feeling in the need for some emotional relief, call the office for some infusion of color and emotional balancing therapy. You’ll be glad you did!

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