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Healing Epigenetics, family patterns, DNA and Karma in 2019!

How much of your family’s karma are you living and reliving?

How can you free yourself from unhealthy patterns?

Ask yourself these questions…

On a scale 1-10 How would you rate your Mother/Father/Family’s satisfaction or experiential quotient in these areas:









Life’s dream


Self Actualization

Spiritual Contentment

Physical pleasure, sexuality, body love



Now ask yourself how you would rate your own satisfaction or experience

in these areas?

Are there any similarities, patterns and repeatable actions, events and life stories?

Have you allowed yourself to be more satisfied with these parameters than your parents?

How you stayed with unhealthy family patterns to remain loyal to your tribe? Perhaps you have inherited the same spiritual struggles and lessons? Are you conscious of them?

Do you carry ancestral conflict, wars and discontent in your bones?

Do you repeat unhealthy or healthy emotional patterns?

Have you consciously recognized both sides of your spiritual and karmic inheritance, the positive and negative, the strengths and weaknesses of your tribe, clan or family?

Can you allow yourself to give up the old ways, which do not serve your highest good?

Can you embrace the healing struggles, wisdom, strengths, gifts and grace from your loved ones? These are your true spiritual inheritance.

What strengths did your ancestors have that you feel in your bones?

What wisdom do you possess, what secrets do you know because it was passed down to you? What skills, emotions, freedoms were you allowed to inhabit because your ancestors lead the way?

In life, utilize the best, leave the rest. Learn the lessons. Accept the blessings.

If you have familial issues you would like assistance in releasing ask about our emotional balance healing session. Leave that baggage behind. Happy New Year!

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