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How do you set safe and healthy boundaries? Have you ever considered it? Many of us are not even clear that we have the option and deserve to set boundaries. It is challenging to set boundaries with ones we love, those that we have authority and power dynamics with and those we feel loyal to. However we need to take care of ourselves first in a good way. How do we do that? I have come up with an image that helps me.... rose in one hand and a stick in the other. My heart is open and compassionate but I have a stick to defend my boundaries and take care of my needs. What is a boundary? emotional safety zone. Of course sometimes we need to willingly or consciously step out of our comfort zones to learn and grow..but it is important to defend your space if emotional intruders invade. You deserve to have your needs met. For women this is extra challenging because we are taught to be nice, be helpful and serve. We have people inside us, eating off of us, being born out of us. We are used to being connected to everybody. So for us, to separate feels like death. It can make us feel anxious, scared or destabilized. You can separate with out betrayal. You can separate and still be loyal. You can separate and still be connected emotionally, in a good way. The first thing is to connect with your own feelings and needs. What are your feelings? What do you need in the moment? How do you honor yourself and speak your truth? We can help you learn to flex these kind of emotional skills with our emotional balancing and clearing sessions!

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