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Clogged Gall Bladder? Here are some signs and remedies!

Clogged Gall bladder?... How do you know.?.

Here are some signs:

Bitter taste in mouth, Burping, Indigestion, Migraine head aches, Psoriasis, Thyroid issues, Phlegm, mucous, fatty cysts, tumors, fibroids, allergies, candida yeast imbalance, thick yellow coating on tongue or black coating, pain in the ribs on the right side, abdomen pain, issues on the left side of the body, pain and stiffness in the shoulders, mid back pain, reproductive issues, anxiety, difficulty making decisions, pain in the IT band, droopy upper eyelids, breast cancer, or cystic breasts, Joint pain, brain fog, difficulty digesting fats, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, afternoon fever, heaviness and fatigue, greenish or yellow orange hue to the skin, face hands or feet and more .

The list of symptoms is so long because the gall bladder toxins can be diverted to every part of the body. Think about the garbage can overflowing into your home. Sooner or later it will fill the whole house if not emptied properly.

Gall bladder function is supposed to shuttle all fat soluble toxins into the small intestine. From there it lubricates the bowels and kills off infections. If the gall bladder is clogged, fat soluble toxins and fat can get back logged, get re-routed and travel through out the body looking for an exit. If they cannot find a proper way to be eliminated then they will get deposited somewhere. The deposits of toxins can occur anywhere from the brain, the skin, kidneys, reproductive organs etc. etc. This causes all kinds of back up congestion, blood stagnation and accumulation of waste products that turn into phlegm, cysts, tumors, neurological and general inflammation and pain.

One of the other issues with the gall bladder and hepatic duct is that they can harbor parasites. Parasites can create organ blockage, inflammation, dis-regulation of the immune system and toxicity. Many gall bladder attacks as well as chronic GB congestion are really parasitic infections that have created too much inflammation and congestion. Do you eat a lot of sushi? This is one way you can be exposed to parasites. But also eating watercress, drinking contaminated water or eating fruits and vegies, uncooked meat etc.

So what can you do?

Go see your acupuncturist who knows how to deal with these issues. That's Me! ;0) !

Some remedies to detox and support the gall bladder include:

Ox bile supplements

Hu lu ba- or fenugreek


Coffee enemas


Pinella rizhome

Lemon juice and water

Low fat diet, vegan type

Triphala or Shilajit

There are specific Chinese Herbal medicines used to detoxify the gall bladder and the ensuing symptoms it can create. Your Oriental Medicine practitioner should be able to get you a good diagnosis and the proper herbal medicine and lifestyle modifications for you. Call me to schedule your appointment for a consultation diagnosis and treatment!

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