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We practice "Good Medicine"

"Good medicine" helps restore your own vital energy by cleansing, balancing and nourishing your body back to health. Good medicine will detoxify and drain, recalibrate and equalize function and lastly re-nourish and nurture under active parts or areas. This includes the physical, mental emotional and spiritual aspects of the person. For the doctor and the patient understanding what needs balancing and how to balance are crucial to conscious healing. These are very general terms but they are very accurate in terms of how to regulate the amazing human body mind and spirit. Good medicine could be a word or touch, some tea, some herb, some action like excercise or meditation or refraining from some action. It could be speaking the truth. Even a lie or an unspoken truth can jam up your system enough to cause dis-ease! It happens all the time. Blockage in the emotional system can cause a traffic jam of chemical reactions in the brain and body. Not following your dreams can also cause spiritual diseases...anxiety and depression...Finding a good medicine doctor is one that can diagnose where your illness is in your being and help you find it name it and transform the stress into energy.

Vital Energy as symbolized by the Caduceus! Milan train Station!

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