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Helping Pregnancy

Acupuncture helps pregnancy in many ways!

Pregnancy is a great time for acupuncture. We can help with morning sickness, lower back pain and breech presentations. We can also stimulate contractions and labor if you are wanting a little support to get things going.. Not only that, we can help you with dietary choices according to your body type. Many women think it is a great time to eat ice cream or to indulge and eat anything. But this is not a good idea. Some foods will tend to create breech presentations others will weaken the Mother so she has less power for the birthing process. We also know how to maximize your awareness about how to have a safe and healthy pregnancy by avoiding toxic chemicals and how not to transfer them to your baby. You want to ensure your baby's prenatal growth is supported by the best detoxification and prevention practices..We have the best information about prenatal vitamins and folate. This information will insure you are getting enough folic acid which helps to support a baby's healthy nervous system and brain. Many doctors are not up to date on their understanding of methylation and the absorption of folic acid. We also help with fertility treatments. The best time to start your fertility and prenatal health is a year before you want to conceive but we will help you any time! Dad's health is important too. Many men are suffering with silent infertility. So our help with detoxification and rebuilding is critical to your family's health! Contact us about your prenatal and pregnancy questions and concerns!

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