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What is chaotic Eating?

Chaotic the root of many of our health issues?

What is chaotic eating? I have been trying to make a few factors clear..

  • Eating out more than 3 times a week

  • Eating predominantly pre-packaged foods, frozen foods and canned foods.

  • Eating different proportions of carbs, fats and proteins at each meal

  • Eating too much of one food type, fats, carbs or proteins regularly

  • Drinking soft drinks or eating sugary things regularly

  • Eating fried foods, charcoal broiled foods regularly

  • Eating trans fats regularly or at all

  • Not eating a significant amount of vegetables

  • Eating too many cold or raw foods or fruits

  • Eating too much of the same thing

  • Eating on the go, in your car, or standing up

  • Not chewing your food

  • Eating microwaved food

  • Eating predominantly foods that are out of season or not local to you

  • Eating different things all of the time

  • Eating at different times of the day

  • Eating before going to bed

  • Not drinking enough water

  • Eating foods wrapped in plastic or drinking water from plastic bottles

  • Eating items predominantly made of chemicals, colorings and dyes

The body likes consistency. It is really good to eat at the same time every day and the same proportion of proteins, veg and carbs or whole grains. The more processed the food the less healthy it is for you and the less life energy it has in it. Eating out will guarantee that you have lesser quality oils and ingredients in general. Not knowing exactly what is in your food and the health of the person preparing it puts you at risk for lower quality food and nutrition. Some things are just known to be bad for you. Charbroiled meats and sodas are poor choices. Not eating enough vegies will also put your body at risk for stagnation and phlegm. Too many cold or raw foods will make you cold and weaken your digestion. Eating before bed or in your car or standing or while rushing or moving will impede your digestion and stress out your whole body. Food is meant to be eaten in a relaxed setting. And a full belly doesn’t digest well during sleep…Eating the same thing over and over leads to nutritional deficiencies… So you need variety AND regularity AND consistency. How many of these things do you do regularly?

Could you eat at the same time? Home cooked meals? Can you regularly prepare meals with the same proportions of vegies, meats or whole grains and beans? Sitting.. and eating 2 hours at least before bed?

It is a real challenge to eat well. It is the root of so many of our illnesses. We need to try to recapture the blessings of healthy eating! Good Luck!

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