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Dream time

Now in the middle of the cold and the dark, it is the time of the greatest yin and the weakest yang..The days are short and the nights are long. Our dreaming becomes more active..feelings that have been held in our bones become more accessible. Old memories resurface. Unresolved feelings bubble up. After the holiday crush it is easier to feel into this space and not be distracted by the external others. The dark time is optimal for meditation and journeying into the void of the eternal, the subconscious.. and the past. It is also here that you can resolve old issues and plant the seeds for the future. If you plow up those old roots of the past, you can also make a fertile ground for the future by resolving and putting to bed those old memories with healing thoughts feelings and emotions. Take time to dream and be quiet in the darkness. Sit, remember, meditate, dream and take time to be with your inner self. Mine your own dream time to find out what messages your spirit is sending you. And then use your practices to heal and mend any unresolved feelings in your heart and mind.

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