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Disappointed with NAET? Here's why

Many people are disappointed with the lack of results they get from NAET..Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique..The reason for this is that it only works on the Qi level.If you are sensitive to mold and get treated only on the level of how your qi is weak in the presence of mold, then you are missing the level of the pathogen in the blood level. Most pathogens will have to be treated on the blood level as a lingering or latent toxic heat.. This requires you use herbs, antimicrobials and careful detoxification which includes substances which help you eliminate the toxins through the digestive system and not reabsorb them through the gut.. Autonomic Response Testing is well suited for this type of protocol and was designed to do so.. If you have disappointing results with NAET..try ART.. instead..We can help!

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