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Weird Symptom Series.. Swamp ass, Fire pits, flaming tongue and hot iron skin!

All symptoms were weird until somebody discovered what they were caused by. I love it when clients come to my clinic with weird symptoms and I know what the cause is. Nothing is more satisfying that being able to correctly diagnose and successfully treat clients whose diagnosis has stumped western medicine.

I’ve seen lots of crazy symptoms. Usually clients come saying.. “This may sound weird but I have this symptom….” Rarely do things sound weird to me any more.

Have you ever heard of these signs and symptoms? Learn what they mean and how to remedy them!

Swamp ass…. Fire pits… Flaming tongue…and hot iron skin!?!?!

Ever had swamp ass? Swamp ass is when you have damp heat in the lower body. Chinese Medicine would call this the lower burner. Your ass cheeks stick together. Your poop might be smelly or mushy. You might have loose stools or diarrhea. Your back end feels warm and damp. You might sweat easily around the lower back and butt crack. It feels like your ass is in a swamp because it is hot and damp and maybe sweaty. Your urine might be dark or smelly. Vaginal secretions could be thick and smelly as well. You might be prone to urinary track infections.

What causes swamp ass? Stagnation heat and friction cause swamp ass. Stagnant body fluids are like standing water and standing water creates swampy conditions. The causes could be rich and greasy foods, too much alcohol or coffee and not enough water. Rich greasy food causes phlegm build up, thick blood and inflammation. It could be dehydration or certain medications. It could be exacerbated by a hot damp climate, excess exercise or physical activity, too much sex or infection. Anything that causes heat, dehydration, stagnation or inflammation causes swamp ass.

Swamp ass means your lower body is relatively inflamed and is likely prone to infection. There could be viral, yeast or bacterial, parasitic infections or no infection just inflammation in the tissues or organs or blood. Inflammation in the lower body includes the intestines, pelvic floor organs, reproductive and urinary organs and the big hip joints.

Diseases like gout, kidney stones, gall stones, cysts, lipomas, allergies, UTI’s, yeast infections, genital herpes, all of these kinds of diseases are indications of hot damp stagnation in the body.

How can one drain the swamp and clear the heat?

A decrease in offending foods and drink and rest from over activity will help.

The remedies include a clean diet. This means reduce or eliminate consumption of fatty, greasy and processed foods, less meat, less dairy, less alcohol and less coffee. Increased intake of vegetables, and in this case fruits like apples, watermelon, oranges and berries will help the body and blood to cool down. Whole grains and beans such as brown basmati rice, barley, mung beans, adzuki beans, will clear damp heat out of the body as well. Eating more vegetables and specifically radishes, cucumbers, parsley, celery, dried shitake mushrooms all help to take damp heat out of the body. Medicinal cooling herb formulas are fast acting and can clear heat quickly. Increased fluid intake maybe recommended.

Sometimes excess exercise or sexual activity will create swamp ass. Basically friction creates heat and swelling. All of the dietary advice will help, as well as cooling down the activity and giving the body more time to rest or recover between workouts. If you are a warm type of person that likes the cold weather or if you are overweight, you are possibly prone to a damp heat conditions.

A hot climate can exacerbate damp heat. Drinking plenty of water, staying in air conditioning and all of the dietary recommendations still hold strong for treating heat symptoms in a hot climate. Staying out of the direct sun and staying out of the extreme mid day heat will help. Cooling exercises like swimming will help. Wearing a hat and keeping physical activity to the cooler times of the day will help. Wearing cotton underwear and natural fiber clothing helps the body breath and release perspiration...Avoid tight or synthetic clothes.

One of the best ways to clear heat and damp from the body is with acupuncture and herbs. These can help to relieve these symptoms quickly and effectively.

Swamp ass will resolve itself when the interior damp heat conditions have been drained from the body. Formulas like Long Dan Xie Gan Tang, Shao Yao Tang, Wen Dai Tang and others will relieve damp heat conditions in the lower body. Sometimes we use anti-microbial herbs to clear underlying infections.

BUT !!!...You must consult your herbalist for the correct formula and dosage for you.

You can clear heat from the lower body and the results will be that you have fewer UTI’s or other swamp damp heat conditions with out taking antibiotics or other medicines. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are natural ways to clear infection and inflammation from the body. Consult your acupuncturist today!

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