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Day of the Dead Healing.

Not only does water carry information, but so does light! You can access the information via your senses. Your brain acts as a transducer. You are connected to everything and everything to you. With this knowledge you can access data stored in the ethers. The body gives off digital signals that can be measured and organized much in the same way code is written. With the right awareness and skills you can access information. We utilize these skills in healing everyday. With my trusted assistant LeeAnn Fotta, we utilize what is called Psycho-Neuro Biology to access the thoughts feelings and emotions you are holding on to that weaken your system. Sometimes they are energies passed on to you by your ancestors or your loved ones that you are holding on to..We are able to help you recognize them on a conscious level. With support from us, we are able to help you let go of them and reorganize your body/mind for better programming and higher functioning! We are offering our annual Day of the Dead healing again to highlight our abilities to help you disconnect from negative epigenetic factors that cramp your style as a fully functioning freely empowered human being. We want to help you connect with your inner super human by witnessing how easy and amazing it is to heal in this way. To make it even more wonderful we use essential oils on your skin for luxurious body mind sensation, we utilize colored light and laser to help your limbic brain release old patterns and absorb new positive affirmations. We give support with hands on, creative visualization and audio entrainment. This is the technical description to help you conceive of the possibilities. This is the new medicine of the 21st Century. Safe, multi-dimentional, non invasive, fast. Utilizing all of the ancient esoteric knowledge and skill as well as scientific knowledge. We do this all year. Because of the thinning of the veil at this time of year we are prompted to remind you and offer this healing opportunity.

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