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What are the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease?And could you have it?

There are many misconceptions about Lyme disease. Many people say "Lymes Disease" but techincally, it is Lyme Disease, recently rediscovered in Lyme, Connecticut. You will often hear the phrase tick born disease, because most people think Lyme disease comes from a tick bite, but it is well known that fleas, black flies and mosquitos can cary Lyme as well.

Most people think that LYme is one bacteria, but there are about a dozen vector born diseases carried by insects that infect and affect people, like the Lyme bacteria. Babesia, Boriella, Rickettisa, Bartonella, Ehlrichia, are just a few. There are good studies that suggest Lyme disease is sexually transmitted, as the organism can take a spirochete form, similar to Syphilis. Lyme can hide in the body. It can go dormant, change form and hide successfully in areas that are hard to detect with blood tests. Lyme can live in many tissues in the body. It can inhabit the heart, joints, brain, bladder, thyroid, ovaries and more. It can cause pain inflamation and disregulation of all sorts.

Lyme and the other co-infections like to live in areas where there is low blood perfusion like nerve roots, where there are joints or implants like hip replacements, dental implants and root canals and even the brain..where the blood brain barrier makes it hard to treat.

There are also good studies which indicate that Lyme is transmitted through the placenta from the Mother to the child. There is also good reason to believe that Lyme could be transmitted by bites or scratches from your pets.

Lyme has evolved with humans over thousands of years. The first modern scientific mention of Lyme like disease comes from Germany back in the 1880's near the Black Forrest which used to be very swampy before they created canals to drain and farm the area. Lyme likes to live in moiste areas like the woods and high grasses. It is less likely to be found in dry areas but it has been found all around the globe.

Lyme has figured out how to live like a parasite in the human body, keeping the host alive but influencing it for it's own advantage. One of the ways it does this is to protect it's self with a waxy coating called biofilm. Biofilm is a protective coating that shields the microbe from antibiotics. If you are going to take antibiotics or herbal medicines to kill Lyme you have to add a biofilm breakers to weaken their protective shield. Lyme can travel through out the body very qucikly retreating to non blood perfused areas of the body, within seconds of detecting antibiotics. It can also go dormant and hide until the signs of antibiotics in the blood are gone and it is safe for them to recolonize.

The early detection of Lyme disease through a bull's eye rash or bite seems to respond well to immediate usage of antibiotics. One month seems to be a safe course for initial response to a bite or rash. With chronic Lyme, a controversial diagnosis, still not recognized by the CDC, herbal medicines are recommended because of their complex phytochemcial reactions and fewer side effects. But what if you don't have a rash or bull's eye? Some statistics show that 50% of all ticks are infected with Lyme or some other co-infection. But, the real question becomes, have you been bitten by a mosquito, black fly or flea? Has your Mother been bitten by one of these and have you or your sexual partner been bitten or slept with someone who was?

Lyme is pervasive. It has been underestimated and perhaps more underdiagnosed than many other life threatening diseases. So how do you know if you have it? Well the classic symptoms are flu like symptoms, fatigue, aches or pains, brain fog. But any one with chronic illness or any mental illness should be checked for Lyme. Early warning signs are shortness of breath, heart palpitaitons, chest pain, fainting, light headedness, disorientation, sweating, nerve pain, fever, motor skills impairment, fatigue, etc. etc. . It can cause sudden death as in caridac inflamation or Lyme carditis. Infections have been indicated in M.S., Parkinson's, bipolar disorder, and scizophrenia. Lyme is known to have psychological effects such as anxiety, depression, hypersensitivty, head aches, balance issues.

So, if Lyme has been with us for thousands of years, why is it so pervasive all of a sudden? There is some research to suggest Lyme has been mutating into more severe strains, naturally or tinkered with for use as a bioweapon. Other research suggests that our electrofied environment from the presence of pervasive electromagnetic fields, has caused an increase in stress for the natural environment, causing stress to all life forms. This creates more biotoxic metabolite production. As the microbes are more stressed inside us they give off more biotoxic waste as part of their metabolism.

Our toxic environment externally and internally has an effect too. We have more toxins in our bodies which adds to a weakened immune function. Heavy metals and industrial pollutants from amalgam fillings, vaccines, and other enviromental sources make a nice breeding ground for microbes inside us. Think of a toxic waste pond behind some old factory. Most us growing up in the old industrial North East have seen such ponds covered with pond scum. This is what our internal milieu or environment can look like, an anerobic breeding ground for microbes.

So any symptom can indicate Lyme disease. Please consider Lyme disease and the other co-infections as a factor in any chronic illness. We do our best to use our kinesiology to indicate the presence of Lyme and the other co-infections in the body and then treat you accordingly. There are good remedies out there. Contact us for more information!

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