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The perfect pillow and bed

Many people come into my office asking me about finding the perfect pillow and bed. I always thought it was just a marketing ploy of the bed industry, to claim to solve people's aches and pains, but I recently moved back into my bedroom after a month or two of sleeping in my daughter's old bedroom, because I was doing major renovations in my house. In the mean time, I had injured my shoulder. I strained some muscles in my scalenes and trapezius area leaving my shoulder achey and painful to sleep on. My shoulder had been painful for weeks while sleeping on my daughter's traditional box spring and mattress. I decided to try my bed again which consists of two pieces of foam. The bottom is a 6 inch piece of upholstery foam, which I got from an old school upholstery shop near Philadelphia, and the top piece is memory foam I got from a local department store. I paid as much for the 2 inch memory foam piece as I did for the 6 " upholstery foam. This bed has been the most comfortable and inexpensive bed I have ever slept in. I cover it with a cotton mattress cover, always 100% coton sheets, cotton blankets and sometimes a down comforter in the winter. As soon as I returned to my room and slept in my foam bed, my shoulder stopped aching me while I slept and I slept a whole lot better.

My secrets for good pillows has always been the same. Three down or feather pillows is my secret. I use three densities of feather pillows to form a malleable and adaptable pillow support and height technology. I use a full or hard stuffed pillow to be the major support for when I sleep on my side. I use a soft or thin stuffed pillow for when I sleep on my back and I use the middle stuffed pillow in combination with the other two to adjust the height according to my specifications. I keep all three pillows around me ready to make a perfect pillow tower and perfect neck support. I have had three whiplashes in my time and my neck still bothers me on occassion. I take care of it mostly with acupuncture, massage and exercises. But it is very important to me to have a good pillow and good night's sleep.

I can't stand foam pillows, as they are too hard and not subtle enough for me. I've always said, "I'm the Princess and the Pea." Part of my sensitivity is my strength. Being perceptive of my self and others helps me, in my healing profession and healing myself. I recommend every one listen to the subtle voice, when your inner being speaks to you. If it is healthy, your inner voice will tell you how to stay safe and healthy. Your higher self speaks to you often. You just have to listen...."Feather pillow..feather pillows... feather pilllows...!"


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