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Today's Clearing: Unhappiness with Acceptance!

The Clearings have become more complex. It’s not just one-word clearings but multiple layers of energies and feelings.

This morning’s Clearing is the tetrad of the non-beneficial feelings:

doubt, unworthy, unhappy and envy.

And the healing balancing trifecta of Acceptance, Worthiness and Wisdom.

Some say, the essence of unhappiness is not having what you want.

Unworthy is a state of perceived lack and separation from our true divine source which is God/Goddess - the Creator/ Creatrix. We all come from the Godhead. We all are good enough. Self-criticism is a criticism against the Divine and what the Divine has created - You!

Envy is a distortion of the more sacred aspects of desire which can lead us to our true self. Choices can be a lesson or a blessin’. Some people pay a heavy karmic price and provide lessons to us all by acting out destructively and enviously. Addiction, stealing or coveting what is not rightfully ours, these are age old lessons in temptation. The delusion that we are lacking anything in the moment causes unhappiness. We always have what we need in the present moment. We are always enough. Can you perceive it, feel it and allow it to flourish?

Acceptance of “What is” is a major source of inner peace and contentment.

“God grant me the wisdom to accept what I cannot change. Change what I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

The Serenity Prayer says it all. We live on the Earth with global connections and communications. Yet most of us can change very little of what goes on globally. “Chop Wood… Carry Water.” I focus on my own life as it is…and change what I can.

We balance unhappiness, doubt, unworthiness and envy with acceptance, worthiness and wisdom. We accept ourselves and the world as it is, focusing on what blessings we have and what we can control. Gratitude is key!

Acceptance of “What is” is a major source of inner peace and contentment. We accept what is. We are worthy, grateful and have innate wisdom to carry on.


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