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Long Distance Quantum Healing Available!

Lisa is available for 1:1 personalized in person and long-distance quantum healing sessions to transform your health and life. All healing sessions include Lisa’s medical intuitive skills to identify stuck physical, mental and emotional brain and energy patterns. Utilizing chromotherapy, entrainment, guided imagery and 4 -D communications, Lisa will engage your bio-photon field and neurological plasticity for healing.

Sessions clear trans-generational traumas and genealogical patterns, resetting your genetic code for better outcomes. Transforming and releasing old tapes from your current and ancestral neural network, you will rewire your energetic, emotional and physical codes to reset to your divine blue print. Lisa’s Divine downloads will quickly identify the blocks to your highest wellbeing and energetic abundance.

Since the emotional and physical pain centers in the brain are the same, many people feel reduction in pain and inflammation in their body and their symptoms resolve.

In person sessions may include full body sensory healing technologies including laser light, gemstone balsams, sacred oils, flower remedies, Do-In, the original tapping and take-home remedies.

Sessions may be booked through the Tele-Medicine Page or The Body Mind Adaptogen Page of this website. Or… Call the office to schedule! Thanks and Peace Out!


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