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Hack your mask!

We are all tolerating time with masks for the good of our friends, family, clients and the country, waiting for the time when we won't need them. Until then, here are several ways to upgrade your mask experience. There are several reasons why masks can hack your energy. The fabric, the fit, the friction, the texture, the weight and color. All of these can make a difference in your daily experience of mask wearing. First, make sure that the fabric is compatible with you. Many people are sensitive to materials. Whether you chose paper, cotton or poly, consider that each will feel different on your skin. Weight is next. Some masks are double ply and feel heavy, others are lighter. Make sure the mask weight works for you. Fit is important for may reasons but make sure the tiebacks are not too tight. Elastic strings can put subtle pressure on the ears. This can affect the tension and structure of head and neck. Choose tie backs that are adjustable. Altheta has adjustable ones for women. See your chiropractor, massage therapist or acupuncturist if you feel affected by this. Brush your teeth before wearing. We are recirculating some of our own air. Some people with sensitive skin will be affected by the increased hot moisture of their own breath on their skin. If this bothers you, spray your face with Briotech. It's my favorite spray skin sanitizer. It's antimicrobial. It's great for those whose acne that is worse with mask wearing. It also helps sunburns and rashes. It is so mild it. Is safe for babies..I use it everyday. Make sure the color and patterns are right for you. Our energies can be affected by color. You know your favorite outfit makes you feel better. Chose your mask like you would chose a pair of shoes. They should fit well, be comfortable all day long, so you can go the distance and they should make you feel good about your choice. I sell Briotech at my clinic. Call to order.


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