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Clearing "Unworthy" with "Awareness"

Today’s clearing is about the word “Unworthy” and the healing word is “Awareness”. Who or what is “unworthy” of respect, attention or effort?

Internally the feeling of personal unworthiness is remedied by conscious awareness. To be the observer of our self-limiting thoughts helps us detach from them. As children many of us are taught selflessness. Whether we were taught to obey, conform or to serve others, these virtues can become destructive, when they negate the inherent needs of the self. Often in childhood, when our needs were not met, we learned to cope and survive without having our needs met. We can carry these mental emotional habits with us into adulthood. Awareness of our inherent worth helps us understand we deserve to have our needs met. It helps us define what our needs are and helps us create safe and healthy boundaries around our needs.

Externally, consider what is worthy of respect in popular media. Notice what does not get respect in our culture and notice why. Notice what you can and cannot criticize. This will indicate what and who are worthy of respect in the eyes of the dominant media culture. Much of this media has its own agenda powered by money and influence.

In these times of rapid change, it is important to maintain our human worth in the face of dehumanizing challenges. We can feel very small in the face of such large challenges and systems. But there is power in the worth of every human life. There is worth inherent in you as an individual. “You cannot change the world, but you can find power and purpose in it” says the Witcher. It is the best thing he said, if you are watching. ;0)


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