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Clearing Failure...Embracing Wisdom

Last year I did a series of online daily clearing and healing meditations. Both the challenging word and the healing words are dowsed. The question is “What are the blocks to our collective energy? and What are the healings for those blocks?” I begin this year with the word “Failure” and the healing word “Wisdom.” If we look around, we may see signs of failure. On a global level, we can see the large systems are not meeting the basic needs of the people and planet. On a personal level there may be things that you cannot control, which feels like failure. While the need for change may look like failure, they say “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. We only fail as long as we refuse to take corrective action to the best of our ability. Data alone will not help us make correct choices. A.I. will not save us. We must use our wisdom and compassion to guide us. Wisdom means listening and learning with your heart. Wisdom comes from experience and good judgement. Fear will obliterate good judgement. Fear drives the brain into reaction. Most media is fear driven and the opposite of wisdom. Now is the time to source your wisdom from your inner self, higher self or the Divine. Release all negative thoughts, feelings and emotions related to failure, doom and gloom, end of times, chaos and sickness. Trust in your inner wisdom to guide you through challenging times. Find the tribe or source that supports your inner wisdom. Find the wisdom of the ages that is there to guide you. Source your strength from that which has positive energy to guide you. Let go of failure mentality and return to the eternal wisdom that has supported and guided humans since eternity.


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