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Beginning March 1, 2023... New Policies and Prices

Innovative Therapies for 0ptimal Wellness

New Acupuncture Consultation and Treatment-$150 Exam, Assessment, consult, acupuncture treatment, includes protocol recommendations. Exam includes Oriental Diagnosis, assessment of conditions, therapeutic recommendations and protocols. Acupuncture communicates with your brain and whole body for quick pain relief, relaxation and parasympathetic dominant (rest and digest) reset. Your nervous system and whole body will thank you. Optional ear seeds and E-stim available.

Acupuncture follow up- $95 Full Body Acupuncture treatment: Optional ear seeds or E-stim available - 60 minutes

Therapeutic Upgrades to your Acupuncture treatment includes one of the following Energy Medicine Therapies: 60-75 minutes @$125

90 minutes sessions available @$145

· DOLPHIN NEUROPOINT STIM - quickly reduce pain and inflammation from fatigue, trauma and injury. Dolphin recharges cellular batteries and turns on circuits. Dolphin Stim increases the 4th phase of water in your cells for effective cellular communication and speeds healing. It increases heart rate variability. Adding Dolphin Stim to your acupuncture treatment is like 2 + treatments in one. It supercharges your results and leaves you pain free quicker! Great for reducing scar tissue trauma!

· APPLIED PSYCHO-KINESIOLOGY-QUANTUM MIND/BODY BALANCING. APK is the quickest way to identify feelings that block your mind and body and transforms it into available energy! APK helps resolve psycho emotional trauma, helps you communicate with the subconscious. APK releases epi-gentetic stress and frees energy for healing. Utilizing many techniques, we journey together for neural network reset. Upgrade sessions available with Acupuncture. Extended individual sessions available.$150 initial/ $125 follow-up

· TWIN RAY AND COLD LASER – Cold laser therapy increases cellular regeneration, reduces pain and inflammation, improves joint mobility, increases cellular growth and repair, increases blood flow, increases ATP, helps damaged nerves regenerate, helps wound healing, supports skin rejuvenation, reduces the inflammation from eczema and hives. Lasers and Twin Ray carry healing frequencies into the body.

· BATTLEFIELD ACUPUNCTURE EAR NEEDLES for extreme pain andimmediate relief! Gold plated.

MAGNETIC ACUPUNCTURE - 2500 Gauss Gold plated magnets deliver quick pain relief to traumatic injuries and scar tissue by resetting the magnetic polarity of the cells for cellular metabolism and circuitry reset.

· Add PEMF, CES-Brain Wave Integration or BioMat as an Upgrade $125

· OR… Add to the Upgrade… for $145

BENEFITS OF WARMING BIOMAT THERAPY: Reduces stress and fatigue

· Relieves anxiety and promotes relaxation

· Improves sleep patterns

· Reduces inflammation

· Eases joint pain, stiffness & arthritis

· Provides warm, soothing pain relief

· Eliminates toxins in the body

· Destroys cancer cells

· Increases blood circulation

· Alleviates migraines and tension headaches

· Reduces allergy symptoms

· Improves immune system function

· Improves cardiovascular health

· Burns calories and controls weight

· Improves muscle tone and skin quality


■ Reducing inflammation and edema

■ Increasing ATP production

■ Rebalancing circadian rhythm

■ Improving circulation and blood supply

■ Increased oxygen to the body’s tissues

■ Healthy levels of growth factors and nitric oxide

■ Increasing cell metabolism

■ Production of endogenous antioxidants

■ Enhanced detoxification

■ Wound healing and tissue regeneration