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Are we in the Age of Enlightenment or the Dark Times?

In the age of enlightenment, during the17/18th of the new ideas brought into European awareness and acceptance was the idea of human dignity and sovereignty.. The idea that humans had unalienable rights related to our human dignity and personal freedoms. The freedoms included not to be enslaved by government, monarchy, landowners or the church..nor to be abused or denied our beliefs, religion or personal freedoms.. The age or reason included the pursuit of knowledge, human happiness, separation of church and state, natural law, progress, tolerance and constitutional government. Individual liberty and tolerance were at the core of the era. According to the U.S constitution freedoms and rights have evolved over time to not to be forced to receive medical treatments while also having the right to access them.. We have also written into law the freedom to live and love who you choose with out discrimination according to race and gender.… Personal freedoms remain a contentious issue and continue to be fought over in the courts and are often used as wedge issues to divide us. As we move into huge technological and planetary changes sparked by our denial of change and climate change, the idea of scarcity and control has gripped our leadership. Are we going to continue to devolve into chaos, war and uber control or are we going to use all of the knowledge we already have to solve all of humanities problems with fortitude, grace and equanimity.. Can we chose a peaceful course? Emotional intelligence may be greater today than ever in spite of continued media brainwashing, intentional neural programming and social media propaganda..or gaslighting if your prefer that term. We are in a time of great change and technological revolution..Change is scary..Loss of control and power is scary. To survive these global changes we are going to need a global awareness of our common shared humanity and also our differences. We need to balance both! The idea of progress.. has been distorted to include many technologies that are not healthy for humans, animals, plant life and the planet at large. Humans need each other to survive.. Can we make the best use of all of the planetary intelligence and wisdom? It will take a great global force of gentleness and will to move in the direction of progress that is healthy for all humanity, the planet without invasive controls and loss of human dignity. We can have both, but only if we choose it consciously. Are we in the Age of Enlightenment or The Dark Times?


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