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Beauty inside...

Some days it feels like it takes twice as much energy to get half as much done..I have to remember I am..we are all processing trauma. It takes a lot of conscious and sub conscious energy just to "stay alive" or "fight' the hidden tiger we all face. Some of us are in "fight"..others are in "flight" and that sums up the polarity of what we are experiencing nationally and globally. During fight and flight the body expends lots of energy in the form of adrenaline and other hormones. This sympathetic over drive can make heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rates go up, increasing anxiety and insomnia. Slow deep breathing is a good remedy for this. I accept some days are productive, other days not. Even though the nonproductive, frozen and numb days are uncomfortable, I do my best to be aware of what I am going through and be gentle with my self. I try to create comfort in my body and mind by looking for positive inputs..something or someone inspiring, a book or movie or radio...or creature comforts such as a good meal, pleasant music, going outside and staying connected with family and friends. It's different for each person. And beyond inputs is what I put out. If I can feel good on the inside and put out something good, that is even better. It's a process and practice.

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