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Today's clearing

Today's clearing is about...

Anger and resentment leading to aggressive and violent action; from having been abandoned and stressed. There is a spiraling movement of feelings that can lead us to act aggressively when we are feeling powerless.

When we feel alone, unsupported, fearful and overwhelmed it is easy to get angry, have resentment, feel aggressive and act violently. It is easy to act out of wanting to control or be recognized, to feel things are going our way.

Old memories of unresolved abandonment and abuse can also lead to a bubbling up of fear and aggression. And current fears can trigger unresolved issues of the past.

Some people say, and it is likely to be true, that in this moment, we have the potential to heal old wounds that we have received or perpetrated. That memories of loved ones as well as memories of our traumas will arise in moments of crisis and reflections of life and death.

If we can forgive ourselves for the wrongs we have done, as well as forgive others for the wrongs we have received, we can begin to release old fears, resentments and anger. We can let go of victimhood and accept responsibility for our actions and our life.

I think of the Hawaiian prayer, “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you!”

It can be said in any order to fit your feelings.

Today’s healing mantra goes this way…Even though I have been jammed up with feelings of aggression, anger and violence, I release all negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. I forgive myself for past actions. I ask forgiveness from others for what I have done. I forgive those whose actions I have been hurt by. I release all anger and resentment coming from fear and abandonment. I release all fear and feelings of being alone. I am connected to and supported by the Universe and the Divine.

I trust in the beauty and truth of all things. I align myself with the powers of love and light. I allow universal intelligence to guide my actions. I allow sweetness in my heart in times of challenge. I let go of fear and allow gentleness and trust to guide my actions.

Even though I may not be close to those I love, my hands and heart are open to their experience. We are supporting each other through time and space. We are all connected in a field of love and compassion.

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