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Transform your consciousness with color and Light Workshop Feb 8 @10:30!

May doctors and scientists have studied the effects of colored light on our brains. Learn how color and light quickly and effectively can change your brain. Color Therapy releases old patterns stuck in the neural network. “What fires together wires together.“ We can engage brain plasticity to rebuild positive thoughts, feelings, images and emotions and let go of detrimental ones. We can rewire your neural network for the benefit and highest good. We use color and coherent light to charge and cleanse the energy body to nourish your bio-photon field. We get rid of the stuck energetic dust bunnies hiding in your system. FEBRUARY 8, 10:30 @ 2358 SUNSHINE RD.ALLENTOWN,PA.Demonstrations $20.00. Reserve your spot by 2/5/20 only..Call 610.841.9300

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