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Color Therapy, Chromo-therapy and Photo Bio-Modulation: Healing with the rainbow!

Ever heard of Chromo therapy, Color therapy or Photo Bio-modulation? Traumatic events and memories are held in circuits of the limbic system. Colored light received through receptors in the eyes and on the skin can access those old memories helping the patient and therapist to address them. It is a safe way to quickly identify which emotions are still stuck in your neural network. Color therapy quickly identifies the words and feelings causing your body stress and transforms it into energy for healing and integration. Color therapy utilizes multilayered techniques to bring shifts in consciousness. “What fires together wires together.” Engaging brain plasticity, it is possible to release burdensome emotions and transform consciousness. “In the beginning was the word.” Healing with the rainbow!?! What could be more natural than that! You can call for an appointment!

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