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Anxiety and depression begins in the gut!

ANXIETY and DEPRESSION STARTS IN THE GUT! SO MANY PEOPLE COME TO ME WITH ANXIETY and depression and yet they are shocked to learn that often times mood begins in the gut…70% of the serotonin, the neurotransmitter related to calm feelings, is generated in the gut. One of the new theories is that the inflammation travels up the vagus nerve to the brain creating inflammation in the nervous system…

Today’s food system is toxic and if you are not really careful with your food it is easy to have damage to your gut lining and imbalances in the micro-biome. We are talking food sensitivities, food allergies, leaky gut and SIBO..

Irritation from sugar, processed foods, acid foods, fatty foods or chemicals, pesticides and herbicides like Round –up really wreak havoc in the digestive system. You have to learn how to detox from these irritants and inflammatory factors.

Changing diet is challenging for many people but the rewards are worth it.. Less pain, inflammation and many symptoms disappear besides anxiety in a matter of weeks !!!!.

I always counsel my clients to research elimination diets.. But it is different for each person and I give specifically tailored advice for each person.

If you have anxiety or depression, you have to consider creating a low inflammation diet for yourself. It can be tailored to more plant based eating or more keto style.. If you need help, I can help you with an evaluation, consult and protocol recommendations!

Enjoy your Holiday meals and then consider coming in for a consultation !

Call today 610.841.9300!

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