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4 reasons for back pain your doctor won't diagnose!

Besides the commonly understood reasons for back pain such as herniated discs, muscles strain, injury, PMS, being overweight and compressed nerves there are several reasons for back pain that your doctor will miss.

#1 Poor bowel health including constipation and diarrhea: Constipation is a reason for lower back pain. It could be sharp or dull and achy pain. Some people don't poop for days or weeks at a time. The stool builds up and stagnates in the colon causing heat and toxin build up and irritation of the nerves. If you have chronic constipation and lower back pain, it is time to get your bowels moving. It is important to have all of your drainage systems open.You don't want the garbage cans to back up and create toxic stagnation. This can also happen with diarrhea. If the diarrhea is related to bowel inflammation or IBS, this kind of hot irritated stool can also excite the local nerves and tissues causing nerve irritation back pain.

#2 Surgery: including Hysterectomy, prostatectomy and other organ removal in the lower abdomen. When you remove an organ you are removing an energy generator of heat, circulation of blood, nutrients and waste removal. If there is a lack of circulation and energy metabolism in the local area of the removed organ, there can be pain. Pain can be due to a lack of circulation and warming effect of blood. I have seen many cases where people with these surgeries have chronic lower back pain often alleviated temporarily by warmth. It is because they don't have the energy generating organs that used to circulate blood, nourishment, warmth and waste removal. Surgery with remaining scar tissue can also lead to pain. Scar tissue and implanted metal in the body can also lead to blockage of circulation, stagnation and pain.

#3 Stealth infection: Viruses and other microorganisms can live in the joints and on surgical implants. Some chronic pain is due to under diagnosed microbial infection. Sometimes these infections are weak enough not to show the regular signs of infection such as swelling, fever or redness. We look for concurrent signs of Lyme disease and viruses with Autonomic Response Testing to assess your bodies reaction to microbial imbalance.

#4 Stress: It could be pain between the neck, shoulder blades or pain in the lower back. Shoulder blade pain is often caused by emotional stress affecting the heart nerves that connect to the spine in the thoracic area. Sometimes too much caffeine or alcohol can also irritate those nerves. Lower back and sometimes neck pain that comes on suddenly can be a reaction to an overload of shock and stress. If you have stress and sudden crippling back or nagging neck pain it is time to reassess what ever situation is causing your body to overload.

If you have under diagnosed back or neck pain and any of these issues sound familiar or possible factors in your health... Give us a call! I can help! Acupuncture and herbs, Autonomic Response Testing, cupping, moxa and micro-stim offer help and relief for these conditions! Call today!

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