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Clearing Fear ..Today's Daily Clearing

Clearing fear is a big one. Fear hits each of us in it's own way. Fear can manifest as racing thoughts, heart palpitations, immobilization, quiet desperation, a sudden panic and more. Fear can knock us off of our game, keep us from doing things or make us do things we normally wouldn't do. Fear can be rational or irrational, based on facts, on feelings, thoughts or on imagined worries. Fear can be stimulated by the past, the present or the future. It can come out of seemingly no where. Our minds can produce over 40 chemicals and hormones in our bodies after thinking one thought, seeing or hearing one triggering event. 40 different chemicals and hormones surging throughout your bloodstream and nervous system can wreak lots of havoc to your sense of well being or stability. SO how do we deal with fear and walk back from the edge of the cliff?

One of the reasons why I think learning meditation is so practical is because at some point in our lives we are all confronted with racing thoughts. We all come upon the dragon of fear. I credit meditation with keeping me off of what other people would turn to for relief... medication.

Meditation has brought me many other benefits, but one of the first ones is peace of mind and spirit. I believe it starts with breath. Deep breathing is the first key toward calming our minds and bringing our energies down from our head into our belly, our gut and our "other" brain. I use imagination or guided imagery to bring down into my hara, belly or lower dan tien, all of the energies that can get stuck in my head. I can often feel the energy of my racing thoughts in my head and so I utilize the imagery of bringing that pearl of energy down from my forehead, down the front of my body, down through the throat, past the heart and solar plexus and into the lower brain of my body, below my navel. This often has a very good effect. I have to repeat the imagery until I can feel the energy predominantly in my belly rather than my head..I also use deep breathing to help focus my energy and attention low in my body, expanding my diaphram with my inhalation breath, to accentuate the feeling of focus in my torso and lower body. This calms my mind by taking the focus out of my head and putting it lower into my "gut".

I also utilize cognitive and Buddhist exercises like remembering to be "in the moment". Being in the moment helps me assess that the threat level in this moment right now is very low. So, I am able to be in the present moment with no threat..accepting in my mind that I am safe and I am able to relax.

During those times of heightened stress when I am challenged by more fearful thoughts I make sure not to drink coffee which stimulates the adrenal glands and the cortisol levels to rise.

I work consciously to address the issues at hand that are stressing me out. Usually they are things I need to to people, take actions to solve problems or wait patiently until events and actions move to resolve the hidden factors that allow me to move forward. Waiting can be an anxiety producing event.

I engage the divine. I pray for guidance. I ask the divine to take from me the things that are beyond my control yet stress me out. I consciously engage and invoke through mantras and repeated therapeutic sentences, my trust of divine timing. Trust is a big factor to relieve fear.

I often use EFT..emotional freedom technique or tapping to strengthen my energy body with conscious self talk in the rewiring of my brain.. utilizing neuro-plasticity to rewire the negative thoughts into positive ones.

All of these techniques I use and share with my clients. I help them step back from the cliff of fear and chase away the dragon of anxiety and unhealthy emotions..

So today's mantra goes something like this ...use your own words if it feels better to you..You can also tap your kidneys gently or tap at the top and edge of your sternum..which is the acupuncture point Kidney #27..

"Even though I am jammed up with the feeling of fear..I know that I am safe in the moment, I trust in divine timing and I trust in my ability work out the things I can to the best of my ability. The rest I leave to God and the Goddess. I do my best and I leave the rest"

You can use your own sentences to re-connect your nervous system to more positive engagement.

If you need assistance Call us and we will help!

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