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12 Ways to create safe and healthy boundaries and live happily ever after.

12 ways to set safe and healthy boundaries and live happily ever after!

#1. Feel your feelings. Allow your feelings to be Ok. Allow your feelings to become fully conscious. Acknowledge them as gifts from your highest self. Allow yourself the right to feel your feelings, inhabiting your body mind and spirit fully!. Allow your feelings to be guides from your highest self. Honor your feelings as high sense perceptions. Consider your feelings as indicators, message and data from all of your sensory and extra sensory perception equipment, which is your body.

#2. Allow yourself the right to have your needs met and put your needs first. Open to the possibility that the best thing in the world for everyone is if you get what you need. To have your truth honored, allow yourself to be worthy of being seen, heard and reckoned with!

#3. Open to the truth. Open to have your truth honored. Let your truth be your guide.

#4. Commit to the truth. Make it a habit to honor your intuition, your thoughts feelings and emotions. Be vigilant to B.S. and be brave in defending your truth, your limits and your hearts wisdom.

#5. Communicate to others what your feelings are. Speak your truth, your mind and heart.

#6. Communicate your truth and needs shamelessly, simply, gently and firmly. Speak the full truth as far as it needs to be said. Take a stand. Inhabit with words to the external world, who you are on the inside. Become one with your words and your beliefs in the world. This does not mean say everything you think. It means say what is important. Say what your highest self can embody in authenticity.

# 7. Guard your truth, your space and your limits. Walk softly and carry a big stick. Be sure you allow yourself to say “No”.. to decline the needs of others in favor of yourself. Guard your energy, your time, your heart, your truth and your life. Create space for yourself. This means an energetic boundary. Create a sacred temple within that allows the divine to enter. Guard the door with consciousness to protect your inner sanctum. Your sacred connection with the divine infinite is your highest resource. Protect it.

#8. Allow the chips to fall where they may. Allow the truth to set you free. Allow for change. Let it go.

#9. Give others back the responsibility for their own actions. Allow them the pain and suffering of their own spiritual journey. It is not your responsibility to carry others baggage, their thoughts, emotions or feelings. Release all unwanted inherited negative emotions that do not serve your highest self and purpose. Release all relational and familial trauma, wars and unconsciousness.

#10. Leave the pain of the world for the world. The world is a paradox of many truths. You don’t have to understand or carry the load of pain and suffering of the great darkness. Focus on your own light.

#11. Don’t ask why? or why me? Just ask, what is the lesson of the experience?

#12. Trust you are a divine being. You are not only good enough but you really are a creation of the divine. You are the Divine made manifest.

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