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Traveling First Aid Kit

When I travel, I take with me a little home made medicine kit in case of accidents or emergencies. I take band aids, aspirin, Arnica creme for bruises, strains or sprains. I bring some anti-viral herbs in case I start to get a flu. I bring a Chinese Herbal Formula called "Huang Lian Su." It is good for food poisoning or if you feel like you are getting Montezuma's revenge..possibly an amoebic dysentery type diarrhea from foreign microbes in water or raw fruits or vegies. I do take an organic sunscreen. Some good toothpaste..If I am traveling really light, I take a Castile type soap like Dr.Bronner's which is good for everything, hair, teeth, shampoo, even doing dishes! I take a few extra ziplock bags to put things in. I might take homeopathic medicines if I think I might need one. I always take some good moisturizer. If I go to the tropics I pick up some coconut oil while I am there for daily moisturizing. These are the extra things I take beside my general makeup bag which has ear plugs, dental floss, nail clippers etc. etc. But in recent years the added little extra medicine bag of herbal remedies has been my greatest ally while traveling. I don't want to have to negotiate a language barrier at the pharmacy (which I have done) so before you go traveling, consult with your acupuncturist and herbalist to see what little medicine bag you can get together to ward off any health challenges while on the road and on vacation!

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