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Smoking and anxiety

why smoking creates anxiety..

I often run into clients who smoke cigarettes and want to be treated for anxiety. The truth is every smoker I have ever met has a certain degree of anxiety and here is why. Smoking starves the heart of oxygen and the heart sensing that it is being starved of oxygen starts to beat faster. This puts the body into the fight and flight mode and starts a cascade of stress hormones that flood the body. The other reason is smoking creates heat in the body. The heat dries out the vital fluids that are cooling and calming and nourishing to the body. This heat dries out the blood and especially dries out the cervical discs in the neck. The cervical discs being dry and hard like old sponges, then collapse and become spinal compression creating pain. The heat that also dries up the fluids, creates phlegm and mucous in the body blocking the normal flow of energy also called Chi , Qi or Ki in Oriental Medicine. The heat and phlegm further blocks the intake of oxygen, prana and vital life force starving the cells of fuel. This creates further stress in the body/mind. I could offer herbal formulas that help calm the mind but the best and true solution to this kind of stress is to stop smoking. We do offer treatment relief in doing the NADA protocol, to help people who are suffering from addiction. It is calming and helps minimize the effects of with drawl and often helps people in their efforts to quit smoking or doing other drugs. Call today for your appointment!

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