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Healing Journeys with Lisa Baas

Sundays starting @ 4:00 pm –6 or 7:00 ish

6 weeks starting November 5th through Dec. 10th (skipping Thanksgiving weekend) Open to your ancestral & spiritual inheritance~Clear your energy matrix and family line~ Rebuild your DNA~ Heal sleep ~Venture into the yin of restoration

Open to the divine ~Remove old epigenetic energetic tendencies

Mine gold of your dreamtime~ Receive ancient Tibetan dream practices to rebuild your epigenetics.~ Strengthen psychic boundaries

This class will help you:

release the effects of negative family karma~ clarify and separate your lessons from

those around you~ create safe and healthy spiritual and energetic boundaries~

have confidence in your own guidance~ clear out unwanted negative influences

build your spiritual protection and immunity~ protect yourself from negative thoughts feelings and emotion~ learn essential meditations, energetic healing practices and energy medicine skills~ empaths’ learn how to shut off the world’s spiritual noise pollution~ stay in the center of your being and maintain connection with your power sources ~Identify energetic influences from your family line~ establish communication with your ancestors~ receive healings during class!

Lisa Baas Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

2358 Sunshine Rd.

Allentown, Pa. 18103

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  • Call to Register: 610.841.9300

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