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Energy Medicine Intuitive Class

*Medical Intuitive

Learn the Body codes. Learn how to increase your skills as a health care practitioner. Learn how to increase your perceptions skills. Learn how to read your patients signs and symptoms with 4 Dimensional, holographic ability to see, hear, feel the body mind and spirit. Learn how to read the body for physical mental emotional and spiritual imbalance and strength with holographic anatomy. Learn how to quickly and thoroughly assess your clients’ health. Develop your high sense perception ability for health and healing. Hand on, psychic body work skills as well as learning assessment skills through observation, listening, questioning, palpation, and high sense perception. $1200/ level Level 1 starting Tuesdays 6-10pm September 22- Dec. 15.. Level 2 Jan. 19 -April 19 Tuesdays 6-10pm

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