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Emotional Healing and Applied Psycho Neuro Biology

Who is Emotional Healing good for?

We feel that our emotional healing work is good for everyone. There are several occasions when we feel it is very helpful to come for this kind of healing. One, is when you are in physical pain. We know the brain processes pain in several ways. Pain processing is routed through the thalmus and limbic parts of the brain as well as the sensory- motor pathways. This means processing pain is routed via the autonomic nervous system but also linking it with memory, immunity and emotion. That means that when you are in physical pain or distress your body is linking it with emotion and weakening your immune system. It could be old emotions. It could be current emotions. It could be emotions that you are "holding" for someone else.

So we recommend that when you have physical pain, come in for a session, let us help process the emotions linked with that pain to uncouple and detach from the energetic baggage that is keeping you from healing. If your body is holding onto undigested emotional trauma or issues, it can't utilize that energy for healing. So if you can process toxic emotions you will free up your life force to have more resources to heal from dis-ease.

So, big life events like birth, death, loss of a job or loved one, divorce, engagement, pregnancy, buying or selling a house, a child going off to college, dealing with abuse or addiction or any stress can decrease your available life force. We recommend that you come in for Emo-Healing when ever you are feeling stuck or are in physcial pain. It may sound scary but it is a quick and efficient process that feels good! It is much quicker than going to a therapist. We do the heavy lifting for you in terms of zero-ing in on your key issues and then gently guiding you through letting them go and rebuilding better paradigms for living.

We actually help rewire the neural pathways in your brain for more positive outlook. It's a technique called Applied Psycho-Neuro-Biology. That is a fancy name for mind body healing through the nervous system. We are helping you release old negative thoughts feelings and emotions and then encouraging the body to go in to a deep relaxation through touch and essential oils, color and light therapy and dialogue. Our clients' love it and are amazed at the process and results! Call for more info! 610.841.9300

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