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We are a nation of wounded warriors.

You’ve heard the sayings “Those who don’t know their history, are doomed to repeat it.” and “The chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” Many of us are repeating our wound history, our weakest links unconsciously, every day in our speech and in our relationships. We have to find an internal emotional safe harbor, so our heart, mind and spirit can rest peacefully. Self-help is self healing. Speak to yourself as if you were a child, experiencing your deepest wound. Give yourself love and acceptance, completely and thoroughly! We are a nation of wounded warriors, that don’t know how to soothe ourselves. Acknowledge your deepest wounds. Be kind to your inner child. Come for healing or do your own self healing! Resolve all non-beneficial conflict. Find peace, self love, acceptance and calm strength, so you can really live! Come for Applied Psycho-Kinesiology, to quickly and gracefully release all non beneficial energies! Essential oils, colored glasses, laser etc...It's a lovely journey to find the best self!


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