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Up-comming Muscle testing and Psycho-kinesiology workshops!


A few spots remain- This is the weekend to Learn the full technique.

SKILLS, TECHNIQUES, ASSESSMENT, CLEARING Working with Light & Distance Testing

Want to learn how to find root causes to illness and choose individual protocols? This is the class for you - Join us in September for our 2 workshops: Muscle Testing and Psycho Kinesiology- Emotional Clearing Work.

All levels taught in one weekend.

September 15-16 & 17-18, 2023.

Designed for those new to muscle testing and seasoned practitioners who desire to fine tune their skills and develop individualized protocols. Included are distance testing techniques, taught by Klinghardt Academy certified practitioners in the USA. Small group training with one-on- one instruction. Muscle testing can only be learned effectively in person with hands on work, guided in small groups.

Discover effective methods for clearing emotional blocks to healing and enhance your practice. These workshops are designed for all healthcare professionals and individuals interested in integrative methods of healing. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your patient outcomes and expand your knowledge.

Registration Closes August 31, 2023

2nd Time Attendee Discounts available for MTM

Registration is by contacting our office directly. Limited spots available.

See Details on links below.

Glad to answer any questions. Hope you will join us this Fall!

Muscle Testing Workshop Details

Psycho Kinesiology Workshop Details

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