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Unhappy and Unworthy..??...>> Kindness and strength!

Taking a dive into the collective (un) consciousness today…testing the waters of the mood of the world and the nation…I dowse for words that are representative of our daily energetic struggles and healing. Today..

I find the non-beneficial and blocking energies and words to be “unhappy” and “unworthy”…..And the beneficial healing energies of “kindness, sympathy and strength”.

It is easy to see how people might be feeling unhappy. There are plenty of challenges to test our resilience. War, climate, economy, Earth changes, social disharmony, political combat all are potential stresses on our individual and collective body, mind and spirit.

Unworthy is a deeper level of identity, usually based in not being seen, heard, recognized and appreciated. This feeling often starts in childhood, but can happen anytime. In dysfunctional relationships or in unconnected emotional familial relationships, unworthiness can creep in. It can happen in social systems too, that do not recognize the worth of groups or individuals. It is hard to have happiness when you don’t feel worthy. It is hard to have or do anything if you don’t feel worthy. One must have a sense of worth to get up and do basic things and accomplish goals.

As a collective group, a people must feel worthy to achieve and receive the best…. socially, politically and economically. We have to feel that we deserve the best to receive the best. For the well being of the whole, we need the best in leadership, technology, economy, government, etc. We need all systems to be functioning at their best to deliver the best. And we have to feel worthy enough to engage and implement it. If we want the best, we can have it. But this takes cooperation, political and social will and knowing we deserve it!

Many people feel the social and political systems are not serving at their best or highest capacity. Cooperation, innovation and social coordination is not happening.

Perhaps this is where kindness, sympathy and strength come in. We need kindness for cooperation. We need sympathy for our mutual struggles and strength to “Keep on… Keepin’ on.”

The basic questions are…. Do we deserve better? Do we have sympathy enough to want better for others? Do we have kindness enough to work together to make it happen?


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