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The power of words!

More on….Kindness, sympathy and strength.. One of my dearest friends who is a Sufi on the DL commented he wanted to hear more about the positive emotions, because as a healer, he knows the power of words and self-talk and the power of the heart. In our conversations, the solutions to world problems usually come down to more love and doing what you can in your own life circle. He has a philosophy these days of creating a virus of love and positivity by affecting 2 people daily through kindness. He is a master trickster and often uses humor in a positive way. Words are powerful. The words you use every day affect your body mind and spirit. I have an issue with the slogan “Hate has no home here.”..when ever I see that, all I see is the word hate..I would much rather see “Love has a home here!” It is a positive statement. Positive words and statements work much better in the psyche than negative statements. It’s like saying don’t think of a red balloon. You automatically do think of it. So program your mind for the positive, not against the negative. It is the way change really happens..So if you want to change the world for the better, it is like that saying “Be the change!”… “think the change” …“see the change”… “speak the change” and do it positively!


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