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Superfood Kombu Sea Vegetable

Kombu is stout leafy dried seaweed that has super health benefits. Filled with with sea minerals, it softens proteins, like beans and meat making them more digestible. Used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine, it breaks down phlegm and mucous. It is alkalizing. I always use kombu when I’m cooking beans. I use it to make Dashi stock. If you have trouble digesting beans but would like to eat them, try adding a stalk of kombu to your next pot of chili. Wash the extra sea salt off of the kombu first, then put it under your ingredients, on the bottom of the cook pot. When done cooking it will soften and dissolve. You can eat it. It has a delicate flavor. Kombu is a super food and medicine. Eden Foods is the brand I use. You can find kombu uses and recipes in my cook book "A Lifetime of Cooking." Available at my office and soon for download here on the products page!


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