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Looking for a way to heal family trauma?

Here are a few tips on how to heal family wounds:

  • Stay connected to your family with love. Without them you wouldn’t be here. They have given you life. That is the main gift.

  • Thank them. They have offered you spiritual lessons and challenges. Thank them for the lessons.

  • Forgive them of their short comings and unconsciousness.

  • Give back to them the lessons that are theirs. Do not carry their baggage.

  • Release them from expectations.

  • Release your hurt and disappointments and disempowerment

  • Source your love, approval and appreciation from elsewhere:.god/goddess, the universe, your inner self, Mother earth, your community, friends or your chosen family and /or self-manifestation.

  • The highest self of your tribe does not want you to suffer.

  • Live in the present. Seek all solutions. Focus on gratitude, love what is.

  • Let go of all that does not serve you.


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