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Healing despair with sympathy!

Clearing despair with sympathy.

Many people are feeling despair because of the great stresses that we are experiencing and the challenges that we acknowledge now and ahead. The definition of despair is “the complete loss or absence of hope.” Many people are leaving this planet because of the complete loss of hope and the unbearable weight of constant despair.

The healing of despair with sympathy seems an odd one, until you look within the definitions and examples of sympathy. The first part of the definition is “feeling sorrow or pity for someone’s misfortune.” We can relate to feeling the pain of others and the pain of our world.

Sympathy is also “support in the form of shared feelings” We live in the sea of energy which is, in part, the world connected by technology. We can fall into despair, if we stay connected to the fear and hopelessness broadcast 24/7 by the media or we can find support, energy and power when we find groups that share our higher vibrations.

The further definition illustrates sympathy as “relating harmoniously to something else” and defines a kind of blueprint in “keeping repairs in sympathy with the original structure.” The healing of despair with sympathy comes with our ability to relate to ourselves and each other harmoniously. How do we relate to ourselves harmoniously? We live our higher truth with compassion. We step into our knowing and our spiritual heart’s desire. We acknowledge our true nature and calling. It also points to “being in harmony with the original structure.” I believe the original structure of the universe is love. Some say, God is Love. We can repair the despair with love and in keeping with the original structures, words and commands.

The last part has to do with recognizing “the field oscillates in sympathy.” We are connected through a sea of energy. As Gaia is the living entity, we call Earth. We are part of living systems larger that we commonly acknowledge. Just like the crickets and the birds, we are all putting out vibrations that affect things. Like pebbles in a pond, our energies and thoughts go out and make waves, especially because now we all carry around these radio antennae and transmitters called our cell phones. Like cells of a living organism, we are all broadcasting our energies and vibrations. What kind of message or vibration do we want to broadcast? What do we want to create? And how can we keep our vibrations clear and strong?

We can feel despair for the world as it is today or we can connect with the greater vibrations of love, divine light and truth. We can fall into despair or we can rise into the greater vibration of the original oscillation which is love. If we focus our consciousness on love we can clear and heal the despair.

We are part of a great uni-verse. We feel everything. We respond and we create everything with our thoughts, feelings and energies.

So! .......With energy and intent…I let go of the weight of despair. I clear despair and all negative thoughts, feelings and emotions related to it. I repair my heart, mind, body and spirit with the love. I connect with the loving aspects of universal consciousness. I receive and transmit the universal vibrations of love. I find sympathy and support with those who carry the divine light of love. Together we heal and diminish despair with the universal sympathetic energies of love.

sym·pa·thy| ˈsimpəTHē | noun (plural sympathies) 1 feelings of pity and sorrow for someone else's misfortune:

condolences: (sympathies) support in the form of shared feelings or opinions:

(in sympathy) relating harmoniously to something else; in keeping: repairs had to be in sympathy with the original structure. 3 the state or fact of responding in a way similar or corresponding to an action elsewhere: the magnetic field oscillates in sympathy.


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