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Dolphin NeuroPoint Stim is great for scar release, vagal balance and pain relief.

Many people suffer from pain, scar tissue dysfunction and vagal inflammation. The Dolphin NeuroPoint Stim puts DC current into the body to charge up the cells and tissues, reduce inflammation and stop pain. Traumatized areas, injuries and scars can become low battery, meaning no effective circulation, no normal blood flow, no cellular nutrition. The Dolphin Stim re-energizes the traumatized areas and charges up the cellular batteries for healing and quick pain relief. Scars can block normal energy flow, short circuiting the local tissues. Dolphin Stim quickly re-vitalizes local areas for greater blood flow and lymph circulation thereby relieving pain. You can learn more about the Dolphin Stim and find other practitioners at the following website:

The Dolphin is my favorite tool for quick pain relief..Call today to add it to your Acupuncture treatment package. You will be glad you did!


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