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Clearing unhappiness

Today’s Clearing is for the feeling of Unhappiness. Unhappiness is caused by so many, things but the two words that come up to heal it are acceptance and perseverance. Unhappiness manifests when we are not accepting of what is …Unhappiness comes when we don’t get or have what we want, when things are other than what we think they should be. Sometimes the best thing is for us not to get or have what we want. But it is very hard for us to have that kind of perspective in the moment. In the moment is another consideration. Sometimes we dwell on the past or the future projecting our desires on both. When it is not as we think it should be, we feel unhappy. BUT ALL THINGS CHANGE. ALL THINGS PASS. With perseverance even this feeling of unhappiness will pass. It is hard to conceive of divine order. Things manifest and disappear according to the nature of the universe we can’t fully understand. So we have to accept what is and what isn’t. You can be at peace or start the revolution. You can act, if you are unhappy. You know… change the things you can and accept the things you can’t. That is all we can do. So let go of all non beneficial feelings thoughts and experiences related to unhappiness. Change what you can…Accept what you cannot. Persevere..and be wise enough to know the difference..


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