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Clearing domination with awareness

Today’s Clearing is for the energy of domination. We clear it with the energy of awareness. Domination can be psychological, emotional and physical. Domination can be personal or systemic. Systemic domination happens with the darker side of technology and its influence.

In these days of dominating information overload, can we bring our minds and hearts back to simpler truths? Spiritual, universal truths can guide us past confusing data and details.

In order to neutralize domination energy, we must bring in awareness. Awareness is the result of having open access to the truth or truths. Truth leads to awareness, choice, freedom and self-determination. We strive for greater awareness and truth to open ourselves to greater empowerment and freedom.

I clear domination energy by creating greater awareness. I let go of all fearful, controlling, dominating narratives, messages and actions. I choose greater awareness to gain access to deeper spiritual truths and freedoms.

Awareness of deeper spiritual truths helps us get us through challenging times. The awareness of love, truth, courage and unity can help us get beyond the divisive narratives.

Awareness of our mind and emotions and being an observer of our thoughts is a helpful tool. Meditation and prayer can calm the effects of dominating narratives and energies. Bring your attention to the present moment and release all negative thoughts feelings and emotions related to the dominant negative messaging. We strive for greater awareness that empowers with peace and unites with freedom and dignity.


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