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Clear Doubt with Trust

We revisit the clearing of doubt with trust to dive deeper into the energy of trust. We encounter many lifetime messages that divert us from trusting ourselves. Our family, culture and media tell us we are not good enough. We are encouraged to believe in others, institutions and authority. You can regain your inner knowing and release doubt by following the positive little voice of intuition that guides you. Living is a lesson in listening to our higher selves. If we listen and act with integrity, perhaps we can manage the harsher lessons of life. If we can trust the messages from our higher self, we can evolve more easily through our karmic lessons.

Trusting in the basic goodness of nature can also help us believe in a benevolent reality. The sun always comes up. The air is free to breath. The earth grants us grounding and is always supporting us.

Trusting in the long-term balance can bring us solace. Even though things may seem out of balance, eventually all things change.

Trusting in our essential goodness, that we are blessed, that we are a sacred part of the magnificent creation of the universe, then we can trust in ourselves. We trust that our path is purposeful and we can listen to our deepest yearning as a call from the divine. We release doubt about who we are and where we stand. We claim our knowing and trust we are guided by Spirit.

We release all non-beneficial influences that cause us to doubt and reclaim trust in ourselves.


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