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Daily Clearing:

Daily Clearing: Resentment.....>>>>>>.........Wisdom

Today the clearing has to do with the feelings of resentment.. the online dictionary defines it as ... "bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly..." While falling into self pity, blame and resentment is easy to do when things are out of your control.. and we do want to see justice done..we want to engage our experience and wisdom to make good choices in the present moment. It is easy to fall into blame when things go wrong or unexpectedly.. In this present moment we want to use our energies wisely and chose our thoughts wisely . We want to engage our experience, knowledge and good judgement...This is what wisdom is.. It is also important to take responsibility for our collective creation of where we are in the present moment, socially, politically, environmentally, health wise etc. We have created this moment.. So now the healing phrase is.. "Even though I have been jammed up with feelings of resentment.I release all negative thoughts, feelings and emotions...I let go of all blame and self pity. I release all resentment. I accept responsibility for my life as it is..I utilize all aspects of my higher self and wisdom to be peaceful in this present moment.I engage all of my wisdom to guide my thoughts and actions. I create goodness from within. My wise actions benefit all around me. I am wise.

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