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Thoughts..where do they come from?

Where do thoughts come from?

I used to think my thoughts were generated in my own head. Until my Ayurvedic teacher asked me “where do your thoughts come from?” The insinuation was that they were divinely inspired. Recently I have been thinking about my plumbing breaking, for no reason. I was thinking about drips, leaks and pipes breaking. Nothing like that has happened in my house yet, (knock on wood) but today I talked with one of my good friends and her pipes have been breaking and leaking, toilet falling over.

Why have I been thinking those things? I think because sometimes I am connected to my close friends’ experiences in a deep way. Somedays I feel off for no apparent reason. I have come to believe that some days I pick up or inhale molecules from those suffering across the world. Yes, I am psychic and an empath but I have mostly trained myself to be able to open and close my energetic doors at will. But some days I still feel like I get what I term “psychic drive by shootings”. I pick up feelings of others pain and suffering. There are plenty of reasons to feel pain and suffering these days. The world is stressed. And some days I feel the exuberance of Mother Earth and the joy of living!

I have come to believe our thoughts and feelings are generated or “received” from many sources. I no longer believe in objective reality. It is all subjective. Everything is dependent on our perceptions and that is subjective. Our thoughts can be random, programmed or perceived.

For this reason, I believe it is extremely important to be aware of our thoughts and to be able to choose our thoughts wisely. The ability to quiet one’s mind and calm our thoughts is an important skill as all of us suffer from busy mind at some point in our lives. First, we need to increase awareness about our thoughts. They say thoughts are like clouds passing. They come and go across your consciousness.

Here is a list of places I believe we receive and source (our) thoughts:

Sources of thoughts:

The media- programming your input

Your body - how your body is feeling… it’s physiological state including blood, organ and nervous system health, your gut and the range of systemic inflammation or health will determine how you feel. This is influencing your thoughts beyond your body’s physical sensations.

Your parents’ and ancestors’ thoughts and feelings as well as society’s ideas play an influence on the range of allowed or acceptable thoughts as well as taboos.

Your religion and schooling will affect your thoughts. What we are taught affects our thinking, thoughts and feelings

Divinely inspired thoughts …knowledge and information come in through the ethers of the divine Oneness.

Logically derived thoughts- these are thoughts we digest through deduction or induction- the scientific method etc.

Instinctual gut response- the intuition and inner knowing

Picking up feelings and thoughts and information from those we love and are connected to or from the ethers and or the world.

I watch my thoughts and am mindful to keep my thoughts productive. I have learned when to calm my thoughts into the meditative state called “no mind” or a general awareness.

It is super important for us to be able to regulate and be aware of our thoughts.

Meditation is a great way to calm the mind and learn greater skills in managing our thoughts! I begin with deep belly breathing and with my creative visualization imagine I am gently dropping all of the energy of thoughts from my head down the front of my body into my lower dan tien, just below the belly button. I focus there with deep breathing, sometimes using a simple mantra to put my mind on white noise.

This meditation helps me sleep, reduces anxiety, enables me to regulate the busy monkey mind and connect with deeper states of awareness. We all experience the monkey mind at one time or another.

Choose your thoughts wisely. Keep positive thoughts at the forefront. Learn to meditate.

And realize sometimes thoughts are not your own. They blow in from somewhere…

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