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The dark time of healing and renewal.

Time to treat yourself for the holidays..It's a great time for self care, renewal, shedding of the old and embracing the new...Asking your highest self and the Divine to guide you. If you feel better, this is sometimes easier to access. So treat yourself to some healing, so you can see and feel into your highest self.

In the dark time of year, it is a very good time to meditate, go within, connect to the dream time and feel your connection with spirit. Dream your new year projects, plant the seeds of growth and plan on how to flourish.

Use the dark time to cozy up to an inspirational video or book. Finish your old projects, write poetry, draw..let your imagination illustrate your highest goals and aspirations..Dig deep into your connection with Mother Earth and Father Spirit.

When the plants are dormant it is easier to hear certain spirit messages..Ask your ancestors to guide you. Connect with loved ones alive or those who have passed in meditation.. In the dark season it may be easier to connect to the subconscious, unconscious and maybe the universal consciousness. The yin, cooling, dark aspect of the environment in the Northern hemisphere makes all aspects of the divine feminine and deep well resources more prevalent and easily accessible.

It is a good time to hibernate and rebuild, to store up resources and to take stock of all the we have. Remember all of your sacred desires. Being quiet, going within is easy to do in the dark times. It is there that you can connect to your inner self, your deepest spiritual longing, your life's mission. Feel the stirring of the life force dwelling inside that yearns quietly to come forth.

Take time to do some healing. Let someone else help you and guide you on your journey. Asking for help or setting aside time to cleanse, balance and nourish.This is appropriate now. Feel the end of the year. Feel into the cycle of the end of darkness. Solstice is soon upon us and the light will return. In this time of holi-daze, remember all that is sacred to you and your life on Earth. The Earth cycles, the seasons change and we grow older. Be Thankful for your time on Earth. It is a time to let go of the old and soon enough bring in the new.

Enjoy the cool dark times..Let them heal you and comfort you like a quiet blanket. Cool your mind. Find peace within.

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