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Beware of Frankenfood Impossible Burger

Orwellian Frankenburger is "Impossibly" good (NOT!)..Have you heard about the "Impossible burger" being rolled out as the savior to our planet's needs for consuming less meat by adopting more plant based diets? Well it is chocked full of GMO soy and genetically modified heme molecules to make you think it is meat. It has a high fat concentrate too. It is impossibly fake and bad food!

Here is a real veggie burger recipe from MY UPCOMING COOK BOOK to keep you healthy and enjoying REAL FOOD not FAKE FOOD!!!

Veggie Lion Burgers

1 ¼ c. cooked chick peas

1 medium onion minced

2 c. cooked millet

4 Tbs. oil

3/4 c rolled oats

¼ c tamari or salt to taste

½ c. grated carrots

2-4 cloves garlic

1-2 stalks celery minced

Cooked millet: Cook 1 cup millet : 2 c water, pinch of salt. Bring to a boil and then simmer covered until water is absorbed.. about 30 minutes. You can also cook the millet with cauliflower, hard squashes or carrots for extra flavor.

Saute minced onions, celery and carrots. Add to cooked chickpeas (mash the chick peas a bit), cooked millet, add oats ( or millet flour), salt, soy sauce and garlic and oil. Combine well and form into patties and place on greased baking sheet; bake at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes until golden brown. Serve hot as is. Or Grill in frying pan with oil for extra crunch and richness..or Insert into pita bread, Add raw grated (or steamed) vegies and add dressing. Great with tahini or vinaigrette dressing, Or eat with steamed vegies on the side.

You can freeze extra burgers in plastic bags to save for later!

You can substitute ¼ c. millet flower for oats if desired.

You can substitute coconut aminos for soy or just salt.

Tahini Sauce:

1/2 c. tahini

1 garlic cloves minced,

1/8th c lemon juice,

1/2-1tsp tsp salt,

1/4 c. water;

Blend in blender until smooth and creamy..adjust proportions to balance salty and sour and garlic taste with tahini to creamy consistency.


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